Cookies are small text files stored on a device when you access most websites on the internet and are primarily used increase site funcionality and user experience.

SLANT Digital uses cookies to maintain session state and store small amounts of data on your computer or devices.

There are two types of cookie used by SLANT Digital:

  • Session cookies - these expire when you close your browser and do not remain on your computer.
  • Persistent cookies - these are stored long term on your computer for a defined period of time.

Below is a list of cookies that SLANT Digital may use along with a description and the purpose they serve.

  •  The session id cookie is probably the most common cookie that most PHP based websites will use. This is used to store the unique session ID for each visitor and enables variables to be remembered and passed between page loads. The cookie only contains a reference to a session stored on the web server, personal information is not stored in the user's browser. This is a session only cookie so expires as soon as the browser is closed.
  • An affiliate cookie is set when a customer is referred to SLANT Digital via an affiliate. It stores the ID of the affiliate that made the referral so that if an order is placed within the next 90 days following the referral, the affiliate can be credited for it. It is a persistent cookie.
  • User id and password cookies are used for the 'remember me' functionality of the client area. They only get set should a client choose to have their details remembered so they don't have to re-login every time they visit your website. These are persistent cookies and last for 365 days, or until logout.

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